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Unicorn Pug

A unicorn Pug was seen on a garden somewhere in the country… Here’s some footage! Libby, the Pug, is so CUTE. Isn’t she?


Pugs Sleeping

Twin Pugs sleeping… Minnie and Max’s parents know that are a “Bonded Pair,” but they wouldn’t expect that they would sleep like this… This is hilarious… but so sweet!


Adorable Baby Pugs

Our hearts melt whenever we see Pug puppies! They are the most cute thing in the whole world… Watch these newborn pugs playing around. So sweet!


Pug Puppy Plays With Himself in the Mirror

This playful little puppy is so cute as he discovers himself in the mirror for the first time. Thinking that his reflection is another puppy… …his reaction turns into a hilarious first encounter!


Pug Puppies Love!

What is more cute than a Pug puppy? Well… 3 Pug puppies are 3 times more cute! These pups are only a few weeks old, but they have more than enough energy to have their fun. So adorable!


Pug Kissing

Pugs kissing passionately? Are they in love? Actually, it seems they are just cleaning each others face after dinner. Nothing goes to waste! Nevertheless, it is SO CUTE!

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