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Happy Halloween

Are you feeling blue today? Here is the cutest Pug witch ever. She’s wishing you a Happy Halloween. 🙂 Cutest witch ever! Does your Pug have a Halloween costume? Watch & Comment:


Pugs & Babies

Pugs and Babies are one of the cutest combinations around. Check out this cute compilation of videos full of Pugs and babies! Does your Pug have a baby friend? Watch & Enjoy:


TOP 10 Cutest Pug Puppy Videos

There are some really CUTE videos here… Can’t really decide which is best… We want your help! Which one is the CUTEST Pug puppy here?


Who’s Cutest? You Decide!!

Who’s the cutest? Baby Rottweiler, Baby Cavalier or Baby Pug? We think you know our choice ha-ha! Let us know yours!


Cutest Pug Puppy Meets Stuffed Animal

Are you feeling blue? Here is something to brighten up your day! It is puppy time!!! This cute Pug puppy is meeting a pink stuffed animal for the first time… This toy will keep him warm and cozy while he is sleeping! Look at the puppy cute little ears and eyes… SO ADORABLE! CUTENESS OVERLOAD! […]


Top 10 Cutest Pug Puppy Clips

Feeling a little blue? Lighten up… It’s FRIDAY! Here’s something to help… …the top 10 cutest Pug puppy clips on YouTube: