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Better Together!

Pugs juts love their owners… This Pug and his dad go everywhere together! Check out these amazing photos. 🙂 PUGS RULE. Does your dog like to travel with you? Watch & Smile:


Pug Welcomes Dad Home

This is a beautiful story of a family reunited again. Daddy came home from a deployment, and at first this Pug wasn’t pretty sure of who it was… But in the second his daddy touches him, you can see the excitement and happiness of this pretty Pug! A Must SEE!


Pug Hug

This Pug loves to hug his dad! Each time dad asks for a hug… …the cute dog gives him one! SO CUTE.


Pug Loves Hats

Chucky, the Pug, loves hats! And Chucky’s dad likes to wear a hat at home… …but he just can’t because Chucky wants it and grabs it! Hilarious!