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Millionaire Pug

Doug the Pug is experiencing a day as a millionaire. He would be so good at being rich. DOUG RULES! Would you Pug like to be rich? Watch & Enjoy:


Surfing In The Pool

It’s pool day for this Pug. He prefers to catch some waves at the beach… But today he has to surf in the pool! Does your Pug like pools? Watch & Smile:


Pug Fails

Are you feeling blue today? Here’s a video that will make your day better and happier… Check out this funny Pug fails compilation! Does your dog do funny faces? Watch & Enjoy:


Mothers Day

Doug the Pug loves his mommy…. This Doug’s video goes out to all the dog moms in the world! Love is all around with Pugs. Are you a Pug’s mommy? Watch & Comment:


The Surfing Pug

Brandy the Pug loves the beach… Today, she heads to the beach for a fun-filled day of surfing with her owner and friends. Brandy looks so cute in her yellow life vest! What is your Pug’s favorite outdoor activity?


Pug Things

Pugs are the best breed ever… Here is a compilation of silly, lovely pug moments just to brighten your day! PUGS RULE. How many Pugs do you have in life? Watch & Enjoy:


Valentine’s Day Love

Such a lovely video!! This cute couple of senior Pugs is having the most wonderful Valentine’s Day… Watch and smile!


Rainy Day

This is Doug, the Pug! Even a rainy day in Nashville won’t stop him… …from being a happy pup! Watch & enjoy:


Independence Day by Pug Puppies

Did you see the movie “Independence Day”? It’s one of the best movie ever… …and pug puppies figure out how to make it even more AMAZING! If you LOVE Pugs you gotta see it.


Everyday is a Great Day!

Pugsly and Triscuit are best friends. They like to hangout in the backyard. With Pugs… Everyday is a great day! Right?

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