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Gets a Surprise!

This Pug is very happy with his gift! He just received a new chewing toy and he seems to love it… Does your pup like to chew too? Watch and smile.


Chew Bone Envy

These Pugs have each one their chewing bone… But it seems one of them is not happy with his! His reaction is too funny! Watch and laugh.


Doug The Pug Halloween Parade!

It’s amazing a number of people this event brought together! Doug the Pug opened his channel to every Halloween pup around! And don’t they look cute? Watch and smile :


Construction Pug

Meet Atom! This cute Pug is going to a construction site and is driving a rock truck bigger than a house! Does your pup also have a job? Watch and smile.


Pug Puppy Falling Asleep Technique

If you know a Pug puppy, you have to do this to his ears… It seems they love it and they will fall asleep in an adorable way! Show us if you do it! Watch and smile.


Finds Bath Toy

This Pug puppy is so adorable… He just found his bath toy on the floor, and it seems that is pretty excited about it when it moves! Does your pup also react like this? Watch and laugh.


Riding A Mechanical Horse

Doug the Pug is back, and it looks he like children rides! Did you ever see a Pug riding a mechanical horse? Here it is now! Watch and laugh.


Pug Imposter

Mom & Dad bought a Pug doll and the puppies got confused… Is this a real Pug or not? This is so adorable! Watch and laugh.


Doug The Pug Hungry Games

Doug is back with the new sensation movie… This time it’s “The Hungry Games”, Doug of course, starring Katniss… He looks even better than her and so happy with his pizza Watch and laugh.


Sleepy Grover

Meet Grover!! He is a Pug puppy that is soooooo cute! Today he is just sleeping and his owner records it. Doesn’t he look cute?

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