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Pug Family Rides the Carousel

Pug families have a lot of fun too! This one is riding a carousel with a bunch of little kids that seem pretty amazed… Does your pup like to go on rides? Watch and smile!


Tv Shows Compilation w/ Doug

Doug is becoming such an actor! This time he brings us the compilation of all the TV Shows he has filmed. From Friends to Breaking Bad, passing by The Game of Thrones… Watch and laugh.


Pugnormal Activity

Doug The Pug is back to acting… And this time, it’s his scariest role so far! “Pugnormal Activity”! Is your pup scary too? Watch and laugh :


Pug Puppy Plays With Nanny Pug

This Pug puppy is adorable! Look at him having some fun with this older Pug, his nanny… Does your pup also play with the older Pugs? Watch and smile:


Irresistible ft. Doug The Pug

Doug the Pug is bigger then ever! This time we show you the official video of Fall Out Boy’s and Demi Lovato’s new song “Irresistible”. And of course, Doug the Pug is the star! Watch and dance!


Doug The Pug Music Compilation

Doug the Pug! The shiniest star on the Pug World… Acting, singing, you name it! Here is a compilation of Doug’s best musical moments! Watch and smile:


Grover’s First Spring Day

Grover is back! This adorable Pug is enjoying his first spring day at a beautiful garden… He seems to be loving it! Does your pup like gardens?


Making Weird Noises To His New Bowl

This Pug is so adorable! He got a new food bowl, but we think he’s not very into it yet… He’s making weird and confusing noises… How would your pup react?


Pudgy Has Trouble Breathing

This is Pudgy… This cute Pug has some health problems that needed to be taken care of… He has some trouble breathing! This is a very good video with an example on how to prevent them… Watch and love your pups!

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