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Pugs Easter Photo Shoot

These cute Pugs love Easter! And they dress up for the occasion. Here they are in a photo shoot. SO SWEET!


Puppy Romance

Meet Pug puppies Emma & Paul. They are just 6-week-old but… …they love each other already! Here’s the sweetest Pug kiss!


Pugs at The Hotel

Minnie and Max, the Pugs, love to go on a trip and spend the night on a hotel… And they always provide their own little touch to ensure… …the hotel stay is a comfortable one! So FUNNY!


Stars and Stripes

These Pugs are very patriotic! See how they tilt their heads to the beat. Minnie, Max and Mabel are awesome pups. Enjoy…


Pugs Sleeping

Twin Pugs sleeping… Minnie and Max’s parents know that are a “Bonded Pair,” but they wouldn’t expect that they would sleep like this… This is hilarious… but so sweet!


Pugs Max & Minnie Love Baseball

Pugs Max and Minnie love baseball! They are die hard San Francisco Giants fans. What team are your Pugs rooting for? Watch the video:


A Day of Fun at the Park

Holy and Lucy are best friends! They are always together and like to get into trouble! They love going to the park. What do they do there? Swinging, eating, sliding, pooping, running and playing…


Pugs Cleaning The Floor

Minnie, the Pug, is playing with her friend Scarlett! Well… Mom and dad are happy they are playing this way… …Minnie is cleaning the floor with Scarlett! Who needs Maid Service?


Minnie & Max Hike Lake Tahoe

People say Pugs are lap dogs… But they love to go outdoors! Here are Minnie and Max exploring the Lake Tahoe area… on paw! They LOVE to hike.


Running of the Pugs!

Have you ever seen this many PUGS make a mad dash all at once?! This happens every year in Canada in a event called the “Running of the Pugs” organized by Toronto’s Pugalug Pug Rescue at Trinity Bellwoods Park. Who says Pugs are not good runners? Source: Pugalug Pug Rescue

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