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Born to be an Athlete

Meet Rupert Eli, the Pug. He was born to be an athlete! Whenever he goes outside he goes crazy and starts running in circles as fast as he can… SO CUTE & FUNNY!


Weird Things

Mino, the Pug, likes to do a few weird thing: – Tanning – Sleeping with his eyes open – Watching over the neighborhood – Washing his buddy, the guinea pig… – Snoring – Chasing his tail – Laying flat on the floor when he’s tired – Eating/Licking his foot – Sucking on blankets – Sitting […]


3-Month-Old Pug Doing Tricks

Meet Snorka, the Pug! She’s only 3-month-old but… …she already knows a lot of tricks: Shake, speak/bark, play dead, lay down, spin and wait for food!


Pug & His 16 Tricks

Meet Tucker, the Pug! He has an impressive arsenal of… …16 AMAZING tricks! Enjoy…