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Doug’s Christmas Movies

Doug The Pug loves costumes. He’s ready for Christmas. 🙂 Check out his amazing Christmas Movies! Is your dog ready for Christmas? Watch & Share:


Christmas Pugs

Doug the Pug is celebrating Christmas with his furry friends. Doug & folks wish you a Happy Christmas! SO CUTE. 🙂 Does your dog celebrate Christmas? Watch & Smile:


Doug Does Poldark

Doug the Pug has a new video… Inspired by his distant cousin Horace, he has gone totally Poldark. SO CUTE! Is your dog this good looking? Watch & Smile:


If Doug Was in The 90’s

Doug the Pug is here to bring you some memories from the 90’s. Check out all the things he has to show you. DOUG RULES! Do you remember all of these items? Watch & Comment:


Doug at The Olympics

Doug the Pug is at the Olympics. He would win the gold medal if there was an eating competition! Look at him eating his favorite meal… Pizza. What is your dog’s favorite meal?


Doug & Pokémon

Doug the Pug is a trendy dog… Obviously, he subscribed Pokémon Go game. “He’s gonna catch them all!” Is your dog this trendy? Watch & Enjoy:


Doug In Finding Dory

Here’s another huge success of Doug The Pug! Watch this Pug as Nemo in Finding Dory. He’s just too cute in his orange Nemo’s costume. Do you dress your Pug? Watch & Enjoy:


Pug & Wine

Today, Doug the Pug is trying to relax. He decides to go to the wine store and grab some red wine, then he goes to the dog park and finally he gets home for a relaxing bubble bath! Does your Pug have a wig? Watch & Comment:


Doug The Pug

Doug the Pug should win an Oscar. Watch this compilation of Doug’s best moments. SO FUNNY! How cool is this dog on a scale from 1 to 10? Watch & Enjoy:


Fruits & Veggies

Doug the Pug dreams about being a professional food taster. In the video, he’s tasting fruits and vegetables! It seems, spinach and yellow apples aren’t very interesting for him… What is your dog’s favorite fruit?

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