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Pug & Spaghetti

This Pug loves to eat! His favorite food is spaghetti. Look at him enjoying his meal accompanied by his cat buddy. Does your dog eat human food? Watch & Answer:


Pug Loves Pizza

Nikki, the Pug, has a weakness… She goes crazy when mom and dad have pizza! She just LOOOVES pizza! SO CUTE!


Pug Puppy Eating Spicy Food!?

Meet Kumbidi, the Pug puppy! He’s so hungry that he even eats a piece of spicy bone!? Well… he is not really eating it… he’s just playing with it! So funny! ATTENTION: spicy food can harmful for dogs!


Pug’s Life

Here’s an awesome video of a day in the life of tiny and cute Cooper. A Pug’s life… This little Pug puppy eats, sleeps and plays… He really knows how to enjoy life. Our advice: Enjoy life (as Cooper does…) and play with your Pug!