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It’s All About Pugs!

Pugs are an amazing breed. Watch them at bath time, eating ice cream, surfing in the ocean… It’s PUG TIME! How many Pugs do you have in life? Watch & Enjoy:


Doug at The Olympics

Doug the Pug is at the Olympics. He would win the gold medal if there was an eating competition! Look at him eating his favorite meal… Pizza. What is your dog’s favorite meal?


Eating Watermelon

Bandito the Pug and Luigi the cat are best friends… Look at them sharing a delicious watermelon! They are healthy animals. Does your Pug like fruit? Watch & Comment:


A Pug’s Life

Cooper is a gorgeous Pug. He certainly knows how to enjoy life! Eating, sleeping and playing… This is PUG’S LIFE! How cute is this pup on a scale from 1 to 10? Watch & Enjoy:


Eating With His Best Friend

Doug & Sid are best friends… And as best friends, they also share food like us humans… Don’t they look lovely eating ice-cream and hotdogs? Does your pup also have a best friend?


Pug Lettuce Party

This is Grover, the Pug! He thinks he’s a bunny… Here he is chomping and chortling away on a leaf of lettuce! Watch & enjoy:


Pug Loves Pizza

Nikki, the Pug, has a weakness… She goes crazy when mom and dad have pizza! She just LOOOVES pizza! SO CUTE!


Pug Puppy Eating Spicy Food!?

Meet Kumbidi, the Pug puppy! He’s so hungry that he even eats a piece of spicy bone!? Well… he is not really eating it… he’s just playing with it! So funny! ATTENTION: spicy food can harmful for dogs!