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8 Amazing Facts on Pugs

If you we’re still having second thoughts on how much Pugs are awesome, this video is for you! All of these facts are true, specially the last one! ha-ha Share this if you Love Pugs!


Best Breed Ever: Pugs!

Here is some interesting fact about Pug: They were originated in 400 BC in China! In 1572, a Pug alerted Prince William to an approaching assassin and became the official dog of the Dutch House of Orange. A Pug tail that is double curled is considered to be perfect! To learn more interested facts about […]


Wonderful World of Pugs

Get ready! We’re going to explore the wonderful world of Pugs. Fasten your safety belts. We’re going on a wild ride… They may look and snore like pigs, but Pug are the most adorable dog breed in the World! We L-O-V-E Pugs! Are you ready?