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Little Girl & Pugs Are Best Friends

Pugs are cute dogs and they love kids. This little girl is very lucky. She’s growing up with 3 pugs and they’re the cutest family EVER. 🙂 Does your dog have a little sister or brother? Watch & Smile:


Pug Saves Family

Jaxson is a courageous Pug. He saves his family from fire! PUGS RULE. Is your Pug this brave? Watch & Comment:


New Pug Friends

These Pugs can’t wait to meet the new family member – Baby Louie! Here’s their first meeting Louie and his new Pug friends are very enthusiastic about each other. Certainly this is the beginning of a long and beautiful friendship. Does your Pug like babies?


Pug Family

Pugs are fun and cute dogs… Here is a family of Pugs to show you that some Pugs have more personality than most people! SO FUNNY. How many Pugs do you have in life? Watch & Smile:


Pug Family Rides the Carousel

Pug families have a lot of fun too! This one is riding a carousel with a bunch of little kids that seem pretty amazed… Does your pup like to go on rides? Watch and smile!