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Pug & Baby Car Seat

Baboo the blind Pug is taking a nap in his favorite place in the whole world. He has recently discovered that the baby car seat and the baby blanket are extremely comfortable. SO FUNNY! What is your dog’s favorite place to sleep? Watch & Smile:


Those Sweet Eyes

Pugs have huge eyes. In the video, this Pug is doing his best to get his favorite treat! Check out these SWEET and BIG eyes. What is your dog’s best expression? Watch & Comment:  


Doug at The Olympics

Doug the Pug is at the Olympics. He would win the gold medal if there was an eating competition! Look at him eating his favorite meal… Pizza. What is your dog’s favorite meal?


Pug Dives in the Bucket

Harold, the Pug, loves his toy. But the toy fell in a bucket full of water! Well… No problem! Look at Harold diving down deep in the bucket to get his favorite toy!