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Doug’s Christmas Wish

Doug the Pug knows that it’s almost Xmas! He already wrote his letter to Santa Claus. All he wants for Christmas is food. 🙂 SO FUNNY. What is your dog’s Christmas wish? Watch & Answer:


Playing Minecraft

Ellie the Pug is a smart dog… She knows how to play Minecraft! Look at her sabotaging a beautiful array of food her owner has prepared for a party. What’s your dog’s favorite indoor activity?


Fruits & Veggies

Doug the Pug dreams about being a professional food taster. In the video, he’s tasting fruits and vegetables! It seems, spinach and yellow apples aren’t very interesting for him… What is your dog’s favorite fruit?


All I Want For Christmas Is Food

In this adorable video, Doug the Pug is taking his love of eating and… …turning it into a funny version of a Mariah Carey famous song Watch “All I Want For Christmas Is Food [Parody]”:


Pug Tactics

This Pug has a very special tactic to steal from baby Jack! He makes him laugh and then… …he steals the baby food! Well… he deserves it because he makes baby Jack happy!


Food Critic Pug Returns

Pablo, the Food Critic Pug, is is back with a few more food critics! Pablo is showed a few different food items to see what he likes/dislikes. Which food will have a positive review? Watch the video and find out… Note: Some foods can be toxic for dogs if ingested. For more info see here: http://www.aspca.org/


Smart Pug Steals Food

This Pug is very smart! He loves treats, but it seems that his big buddy doesn’t like to share them… So, he has no other option than to steal the treat. His strategy is so smart… Take a look:


Pug vs Mini Pug

This Pug is hungry! He wants to have his meal… …but a mini Pug statue is placed next to the bowl! This brave Pug is… not that brave. He’s afraid of the mini Pug statue! SO FUNNY.


Pug Puppy Screaming For Dinner

Batman, a 10-week-old black Pug Puppy, is so hungry that… …he screams desperately for his dinner. Come on give him food! So CUTE!

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