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Cuddling Together

Alphie and Teddy are best friends. They were caught hugging each other during their nap. 🙂 PUGS RULE! Is your pup a sleepy dog? Watch & Comment:


Christmas Pugs

Doug the Pug is celebrating Christmas with his furry friends. Doug & folks wish you a Happy Christmas! SO CUTE. 🙂 Does your dog celebrate Christmas? Watch & Smile:


Luigi & Bandito

Bandito the Pug and Luigi the Cat are the best friends ever. They are always together and love to travel. In the video, they are hiking miles and miles across Spain. Does your dog like to travel? Watch & Enjoy:


The Surfing Pug

Brandy the Pug loves the beach… Today, she heads to the beach for a fun-filled day of surfing with her owner and friends. Brandy looks so cute in her yellow life vest! What is your Pug’s favorite outdoor activity?


New Pug Friends

These Pugs can’t wait to meet the new family member – Baby Louie! Here’s their first meeting Louie and his new Pug friends are very enthusiastic about each other. Certainly this is the beginning of a long and beautiful friendship. Does your Pug like babies?


Pug Loves Little Kitten

Such a beautiful friendship! This Pug and his little kitten friend look adorable together… Does your pup also have a friend? Show us!


Cat Attacks Pug!

Robert, the Pug, has a new buddy… …Richard, the Cat. The kitten wants to play, but Robert is too tired. In an attempt to play, Richard continues to “attack” Robert!


A Day of Fun at the Park

Holy and Lucy are best friends! They are always together and like to get into trouble! They love going to the park. What do they do there? Swinging, eating, sliding, pooping, running and playing…


7 Pugs at the Park

We love Pugs… When 7 Pugs gather in the park, it’s Pug Jackpot! Seven pug friends meet at the local dog park for fun…and maybe a few treats! Max, Minnie, Mabel, Monte, Loki, Yoda, and Scarlett! Midge the Aussie is here too!