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Sliding With Style

These Pugs are having fun in the snow. One of them just loves to slide. 🙂 Check out how fast she’s! Does your Pug like the snow? Watch & Smile:


Pug Tunnels

This Pug and his furry friend are just having fun. Check out this doggie mattress tunnels! Look at the smile on this Pug’s face. 🙂 Is your dog this naughty? Watch & Commnet:


Pugs at Beach

Minnie and Max the Pugs love to have fun together… Look at them having a wonderful time at Carmel Beach! They always take their favorite toy with them – the precious ball. Does your dog like the beach? [vimeo id=”141191715


Only Pug Videos

Pugs are definitely the most fun dogs in this world. This video is all about Pug dogs and their favorite stunts… PUGS RULE! How cool are these dogs on a scale from 1-10? Watch & Share:


Pugs Are Amazing

Pugs are amazing and cute. Enjoy this Pug fun compilation… It certainly will put a smile on your face. PUGS RULE! How many Pugs do you have in life? Watch & Enjoy:


Pug Family

Pugs are fun and cute dogs… Here is a family of Pugs to show you that some Pugs have more personality than most people! SO FUNNY. How many Pugs do you have in life? Watch & Smile:


Puppy Has Fun In His Bed

This cute Pug puppy sure knows how to entertain himself! Look at him just playing and biting his bed… LOL Doesn’t he look adorable?


Pug vs. Ball Pit

This is Grover, the Pug. It’s his time in a ball pit! Mom and dad filled his playpen with plastic balls and his favorite toys… …and then waited to see what happened! Watch and see what was the result:


7 Pugs at the Park

We love Pugs… When 7 Pugs gather in the park, it’s Pug Jackpot! Seven pug friends meet at the local dog park for fun…and maybe a few treats! Max, Minnie, Mabel, Monte, Loki, Yoda, and Scarlett! Midge the Aussie is here too!


Fun Day at the Beach

Penny, the Pug, takes the Puglets to the Oregon Coast for a fun day at the beach! She heads down the Seaside Promanade… …gets a beach cart at Wheel Fun Rentals… …plays in the surf at Seaside… …visits Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach… …explores the Cape Meares Lighthouse… …watches crashing waves on the Jetty at […]

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