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Helping a Friend

Pugs are funny dogs. This little Pug is scratching the back of his best friend! These dogs will certainly put a smile on your face. 🙂 Does your dog go along with other dogs? Watch & Comment:


Awesome Pugs

Pugs are cute, chubby and funny dogs. Check out this awesome compilation of Pug vines! SO FUNNY. 🙂 How cool are these dogs on a scale from 1-10? Watch & Enjoy:


Funny Pugs

Pugs are funny and chubby little dogs. This video is full of Pugs just being Pugs! Watch the video and have a good time smiling. PUGS RULE! Is your dog this funny? Watch & Enjoy:


Fat Pug & Scale

This adorable Pug doesn´t like the scale… Every time his owner goes to move the scale, the dog makes a funny growling noise and tries to carry the scale away! Is your Pug a little chubby? Watch & Answer:


Chew Bone Envy

These Pugs have each one their chewing bone… But it seems one of them is not happy with his! His reaction is too funny! Watch and laugh.


Finds Bath Toy

This Pug puppy is so adorable… He just found his bath toy on the floor, and it seems that is pretty excited about it when it moves! Does your pup also react like this? Watch and laugh.


The Howling Pug

Meet Ube! This cute Pug is one of a kind! He loves howling! Does your Pug also howl like this? Watch and smile:


Funny Pug Vines Compilation!

This is one of those compilation you just want to watch over and over again… Funny videos, adorable puppies, and a lot of crazy owners too! ha-ha Watch and have a Puggy Day!


Doug The Pug’s Bedtime

Here is Doug once again… Today he show’s us how he is when it’s bedtime! Doesn’t he look warm and cozy on these pajamas? Watch & Enjoy:

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