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Doug Playing With Puppies

Doug is a sweet and lovely Pug… He’s already an adult dog but he still has a puppy heart. All he needs to make him happy is to be in a room filled with tiny Pug puppies! CUTENESS OVERLOAD. What makes your dog happy?


Puppies Go Crazy With Their Owner Arrival!

One Pug puppy is lovely… A pack? OMG! These cute little Pugs just got crazy when their owner arrived, and they made sure he knew how much they love him… Watch an be happy!


Rescued Pugs on The Beach

This video is brought to us by “Pugs SOS” from “Pet Rescue Australia”. These are some beautiful images of a few Pug dogs just running freely and happy on the beaches of Australia… They are all so adorable! We are so happy that these kinds of organisations exist. Watch and share with all the dog lovers! […]


Rainy Day

This is Doug, the Pug! Even a rainy day in Nashville won’t stop him… …from being a happy pup! Watch & enjoy:


Happy 4th of July America

Happy 4th of July America! To celebrate, Ollie has dressed up as our Yankee Doodle Puggy! Isn’t he the sweetest?


Woodland Pug

This video will warm your heart and… …bring a smile to your face. Here’s Woodland Pug! SO CUTE.


Pug in Stroller

Maggie, the Pug, was rescued. Sadly she came with permanently dislocated front leg and no tail. However she’s a very happy Pug! Especially now that mom and dad got her a stroller.