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Confused Pug

Nao the Pug is a little confused… Look at this furry princess showing her irresistible and famous “Pug head tilt” to express her confusion. SO CUTE! How cute is this head tilt on a scale from 1-10? Watch & Smile:


Pug Head Tilts

Pugs are smart dogs… These pups are listening to their owner and struggling to comprehend what he’s saying to them. They cock their heads back and forth in the cutest way ever! What is your dog’s best expression?


Black Pug Head Tilt

Nao, a black Pug is adorable! And even more adorable as he does the famous head tilt… Beautiful! Watch and be happy!


Christmas Pug Head Tilt

Christmas is coming! Do you know what your pug wishes under the Xmas tree? Max and Minnie can’t decide what they want for Christmas! Watch and enjoy:


Hungry Pugs

These two cute Pugs are hungry! Please Mom, let them go inside and… …give them food! So cute the way they tilt their heads!


Why Do Dogs Tilt Their Heads?

Seeing your dog cock his or her head to the side, in particular any time you are talking to the animal, is just too adorable. A few dogs do this and some do not, however those that make this gesture are doing so for very good reasons. In most cases, a dog will tilt his […]