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Waffles The Pup

Waffles is a hilarious Pug puppy. She’s desperately trying to pick up a Frisbee. Her flat face is not helping at all! Does your dog do this type of silly things? Watch & Smile:


Real Pug or Toy Pug?

Walter the Pug gets a little confused when he’s introduced to his new toy. He wants it to be real so bad! Watch his hilarious reaction. Does your dog do this type of silly things? Watch & Smile:


Hilarious Reaction to Mr. Tom Bergeron

This little Pug has a hilarious reaction to Mr. Tom Bergeron. We don’t really know if he loves or hates America’s Funniest Home Videos… …but this video for sure has to be part of it! LOL Watch & Laugh:


Pug Summer

Here’s a video clip of the cool song “Pug Summer” by Neil Crevice featuring Richard the Pug! Hilarious! “Pugs cant swim and thats a fact… They sink to the bottom and dont… float back… Take it from me Neil Crevice… I had to throw him a flotation device… Cause he jumped in the pool… And […]


Hilarious Pug’s Reaction

We all know that Pug enjoy watching a good movie! But this Pug is really excited with the movie and he seems to be living the story. Watch his hilarious reaction to movie “Hollywood Homicide”:


Excited Pug…

This Pug loves watching TV… But sometimes she gets a little bit too excited! The sound she makes and her expression are hilarious. Watch & Smile:


Pugs on Slides

People say Pugs are lazy… well, sometimes they are adventurous… and like to slide! Pugs on slides are always funny, but watching them playing on slides… it’s just hilarious! Fun for them and good laugh for their humans. We LOVE Pugs!