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Home Alone Pug Version

This funny little Pug filled spin on the classic Christmas film – Home Alone. When puppy Kevin is left home alone for the holidays, chaos ensues. 🙂 FUNNY & CUTE! How cool is this video? Watch & Enjoy:


Bean’s Playtime

Bean is an ADORABLE little Pug. Today is the first morning in his new home… He’s having some lovely playtime. 🙂 Is your dog this cute? Watch & Enjoy:


Pug Welcomes Dad Home

This is a beautiful story of a family reunited again. Daddy came home from a deployment, and at first this Pug wasn’t pretty sure of who it was… But in the second his daddy touches him, you can see the excitement and happiness of this pretty Pug! A Must SEE!


Home Alone (Pug Puppy Version)

A fun pug filled spin on the classic Christmas film, HOME ALONE! When pug puppy Kevin is left home alone for the holidays, chaos ensues! Watch & Enjoy:


Hilarious Reaction to Mr. Tom Bergeron

This little Pug has a hilarious reaction to Mr. Tom Bergeron. We don’t really know if he loves or hates America’s Funniest Home Videos… …but this video for sure has to be part of it! LOL Watch & Laugh:


Dog Home Alone: 5 Safety Tips

You want to be in a position to return and find out a happy tail wagging for you, not an accident that has happened. Implement these safety guidelines: 1. Notify a neighbor Let a neighbor know in case you are going to have a pet alone in the house for a prolonged amount of time. […]