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“Back to the Future” Pug Version

Here’s another great movie remake! This time we have “Back to the Future”… Marty McFly (Izzy the Pug) goes back to 1955 and needs to get back to the future with help from Doc Brown. SO HILARIOUS!


Captain Phillips Pug Version

Here’s Izzy again with an awesome performance in the remake of Captain Phillips! This time Izzy is the villain! It’s OK because sometimes Pugs are naughty boys and girls…


Keanu Pug Speed

Izzy, the Pug, is once again the star of a movie remake… …Speed! Officer Jack Traven (Izzy) finds himself in for one heck of a ride in this non-stop action thriller. This movie is 100% Pug adrenaline! which is better actor? Izzy, the Pug, or Keanu Reeves?


Her (Pug Version)

It’s Oscar’s season… Izzy, the Pug, re-enacts ‘Her’! We have no doubt that he’s an awesome actor. Do you think he deserves a Pup Oscar?


The Oscars 2014: Best Picture Nominees (Pug Version)

The 86th Academy Awards will take place on the 2nd of March… Izzy, the Pug, gives the rundown on this years Best Picture Nominees: The Wolf Of Wall Street Gravity Nebraska Her American Hustle Philomena 12 Years A Slave Dallas Buyers Club Captain Phillips