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BEST Brother To Kitten Sister

Pugs are lovely dogs… This Pug is helping raise his kitten sister! Look how cute he’s while teaching his little sister to pounce. 🙂 Does your Pug like cats? Watch & Comment:


Pug Loves Little Kitten

Such a beautiful friendship! This Pug and his little kitten friend look adorable together… Does your pup also have a friend? Show us!


Katy Perry Fans…

Meet Puppy and Kit! They are for sure the most adorable pug puppy and kitten on the internet! They are fans of Katy Perry… Here they are talking about what they like about Katy Perry!


Kit ‘N Puggy & Ariana Grande

A Pug and a kitten talking about Ariana Grande… From “Break Free” to “Problem” to “The Way”… …these two cute little guys have an opinion about Ariana!


Cat Attacks Pug!

Robert, the Pug, has a new buddy… …Richard, the Cat. The kitten wants to play, but Robert is too tired. In an attempt to play, Richard continues to “attack” Robert!


Toby, The Pug, Getting a Massage

Everybody knows that Pugs like to sleep… But what can be better than sleeping? Perhaps sleeping while getting a massage? Here’s Toby, the Pug, snoring and getting a massage from a kitten!