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Adorable Video Compilation

Pugs are AWESOME dogs. 🙂 This video compilation is full of them saying “I love you”, tilting their heads in confusion and loving babies or cats… PUGS RULE! How many Pugs do you have in life? Watch & Enjoy:


Love & Care

This Pug is just ADORABLE. Her owner is petting her… Check out her lovely expression! Is your dog this cute? Watch & Smile:


Talking Pug

Shellie is an ADORABLE Pug. She is saying her owner that she loves her! Nobody can resist to this Pug eyes. 🙂 How big are your dog’s eyes? Watch & Smile:


Puppy & First Bath

Some dogs really love bathtime. This Pug pup is enjoying his bath! Chech out how relaxed he’s. 🙂 Does your dog like bathtime? Watch & Smile:


Not in The Mood For Kisses

This Pug isn’t in the mood for love… Look at him avoiding his owner’s kisses at all costs! How often do you kiss your dog? Watch & Smile:


Pug Bunnies

Minnie and Max love long walkings at the beach. Today they are dressed like bunnies… Look at their “hops” at Carmel Beach! Does your dog hop like this? Watch & Answer:


Pugs Love Pools

Summer is here! Check out this “Pugs love Pools” video compilation… It seems these Pugs know that the best way to cool down is diving in a pool. Does your dog like to swim? Watch & Enjoy:


Pugs Are Just To Cute

Pugs are awesome dogs… They love to make us laugh and smile. Watch the video and have fun! What is your dog’s best expression? Watch & Enjoy:


Rasta Pug

One more amazing Doug’s video… This time, Doug is in a wave of Peace & Love! SO ADORABLE. How cool is this dog on a scale from 1-10? Watch & Share:


For The Love Of Pugs!

For the Love of Pugs is a half hour documentary by Joe Woollen of JPW FILMS. It’s a film made for Pug lovers around the World! We think it’s AWESOME! Watch and Love Pugs:

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