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Pug Loves Pizza

Nikki, the Pug, has a weakness… She goes crazy when mom and dad have pizza! She just LOOOVES pizza! SO CUTE!


Pug Loves Baby

Jack, the Pug loves his Baby brother… …and his brother loves to play with him! Take a look at how the baby is laughing… So cute.


Loves Her Baby Sister

Rudy, the Pug, loves her baby sister Dell so much! And Dell loves Rudy’s kisses… PUG + BABY = 100% CUTENESS!


Screaming Pug

Meet Pugsley, the Screaming Pug! Pugsley loves when people come to visit him! But he gets so upset when they leave. He doesn’t want them to go. So… He screams!!!


Pug Loves Hats

Chucky, the Pug, loves hats! And Chucky’s dad likes to wear a hat at home… …but he just can’t because Chucky wants it and grabs it! Hilarious!


Mango Loves Bathing

Usually dogs don’t enjoy the idea of bathing… But Mango loves it! When his Mom says the word “bath” he gets so excited. Watch it:

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