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Puppies in Baskets

Newborn puppies are just ADORABLE. This mother dog is guarding her cute babies in the tiny baskets! CUTENESS OVERLOAD. 🙂 How old is your pup? Watch & Comment:


Bath Time For Puppies

These baby Pugs are the CUTEST PUPPIES EVER. Watch this lovely mommy giving her newborn puppies a nice bath! Does your pup like to take a bath? Watch & Smile:


Can’t Get Up

These Pug puppies are so cute! The newborn are so tiny that… …they can’t get up! Don’t worry little guys, you’ll learn how to walk very quickly.


Adorable Baby Pugs

Our hearts melt whenever we see Pug puppies! They are the most cute thing in the whole world… Watch these newborn pugs playing around. So sweet!