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Pug & Cat at Jurassic Park

This adorable Pug and cat are dressed up for a safari. Bandito, the Pug, and Luigi, the Scottish Fold cat, are inseparable and love being in front of the camera. 🙂 SO CUTE! Watch & Smile:


Pug & Wine

Today, Doug the Pug is trying to relax. He decides to go to the wine store and grab some red wine, then he goes to the dog park and finally he gets home for a relaxing bubble bath! Does your Pug have a wig? Watch & Comment:


Jurassic Pug

The most anticipated movie ever has been launch… We’re talking about the JURASSIC PUG!! We Loved it… How about you? Watch and share! A MUST-SEE!


Slow-Mo Brandy

Brandy, the Pug, went to the park… …so she can be a little GoPro superstar! Enjoy Brandy in Slow-Mo. AWESOME!


Pug on a Swing

Meet Bubbles, the Pug. She loves to go outdoors to the playground. Here she is on a swing! We think she liked it.


A Day of Fun at the Park

Holy and Lucy are best friends! They are always together and like to get into trouble! They love going to the park. What do they do there? Swinging, eating, sliding, pooping, running and playing…


7 Pugs at the Park

We love Pugs… When 7 Pugs gather in the park, it’s Pug Jackpot! Seven pug friends meet at the local dog park for fun…and maybe a few treats! Max, Minnie, Mabel, Monte, Loki, Yoda, and Scarlett! Midge the Aussie is here too!