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It’s Not Cleaning Time

This Pug things that it’s not the time to clean… He won’t let his owner clean the floor! It’s playtime right now. Does your dog act the same way? Watch & Comment:


It’s Bedtime

It’s bedtime, but Grimley wants to play a little more… This adorable and energetic Pug is definitely not ready to go to bed yet! Look at him explaining his motives to his owner. Does your dog like to sleep?


Pug Batman

Pugs are superb as normal dogs… As a Super Hero? Pugs are even more awesome! This video shows us the best Batman Pug ever! Watch and laugh.


Hubert the Pug!

Meet Hubert, our newest Pug puppy friend! In this video, we see Hubert playing and kissing his owner. And he is showing that a puppy can be stylish too… What a nice green sweater! Hubert is set to be another Star in our Pug Fan Club!


The Pug Puppy & the Tie

This Pug puppy has to go to s special event… So he chose a nice tie! But instead of going to the event the puppy prefers to play with the tie… Pug puppies are the sweetest little angels!


Everyday is a Great Day!

Pugsly and Triscuit are best friends. They like to hangout in the backyard. With Pugs… Everyday is a great day! Right?


Cat Attacks Pug!

Robert, the Pug, has a new buddy… …Richard, the Cat. The kitten wants to play, but Robert is too tired. In an attempt to play, Richard continues to “attack” Robert!


Minnie & Big Dog

Pugs are small dogs, but they don’t care about it… Look at how Minnie, the Pug, loves to play with big dogs! This huge Great Pyrenees is no exception. So funny & sweet!


Pug Puppy Eating Spicy Food!?

Meet Kumbidi, the Pug puppy! He’s so hungry that he even eats a piece of spicy bone!? Well… he is not really eating it… he’s just playing with it! So funny! ATTENTION: spicy food can harmful for dogs!

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