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Wrestling Match

Daisy the cat and Tinkerbell the Pug are playing together… Check out their battle for the control of the best chair in the house. SO FUNNY! Does your Pug have a feline friend? Watch & Comment:


Snickers & Tommy

This is Tommy playing with little Snickers. These two are just TOO CUTE together. SO FUNNY! How many dogs do you have? 1, 2 or more? Watch & Smile:


Playing Seal

This Pug really loves his fluffy toy. He will never let it go… Look at him playing seal. SO FUNNY! Does your pooch act the same way? Watch & Smile:


Playing Minecraft

Ellie the Pug is a smart dog… She knows how to play Minecraft! Look at her sabotaging a beautiful array of food her owner has prepared for a party. What’s your dog’s favorite indoor activity?


Puppies & Toys

Pug puppies are cute and fluffy. These 5 Pug puppies are having a good time playing with toys… Look at them just being cute. CUTENESS OVERLOAD! What is your puppy’s favorite toy? Watch & Smile:


Panda Baby & Pug

Pug puppies are just the cutest thing in the whole world… This sweet “Panda baby” is playing with a tiny Pug puppy! How old is your pup? Watch & Smile:


Playing Outside

Today, Louie the baby and his furry brothers are playing outside… Look at them having some fun and running around in the garden! What is your pup’s favorite outdoor activity? Watch & Smile:


A Pug’s Life

Cooper is a gorgeous Pug. He certainly knows how to enjoy life! Eating, sleeping and playing… This is PUG’S LIFE! How cute is this pup on a scale from 1 to 10? Watch & Enjoy:


Running Rings Around Baby

This cute Pug puppy is having a good time while playing with baby Louie… Look at him running rings around the baby and trying to get to the ball. SO CUTE! How old is your pup?


Playing Dress Up

Children love to play with dogs… This little boy likes to play dress up with his Pug and enjoys fake feeding him! Does your dog have a little brother or sister? Watch & Comment:

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