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Home Alone Pug Version

This funny little Pug filled spin on the classic Christmas film – Home Alone. When puppy Kevin is left home alone for the holidays, chaos ensues. 🙂 FUNNY & CUTE! How cool is this video? Watch & Enjoy:


Christmas Joy

Here is one more adventure of the Fabulous Pug Models. These adorable Pugs love to spread joy and laughs. 🙂 They’ll certainly bring a smile to your face! Does your dog like holidays? Watch & Comment:


Pug & Broccoli

This Pug is a healthy dog. He loves vegetables… In the video, he’s enjoying a giant broccoli! Does your Pug like veggies? Watch & Comment:


Happy Halloween

Are you feeling blue today? Here is the cutest Pug witch ever. She’s wishing you a Happy Halloween. 🙂 Cutest witch ever! Does your Pug have a Halloween costume? Watch & Comment:


Pugs Wars

This Pug will certainly bring a smile to your face. May the Snort be with you. 🙂 PUGS WARS RULE! Does your pooch like to wear costumes? Watch & Comment:


Pug Noises

Tucker is a cute little Pug… Look at him doing some weird noises! SO CUTE. Does your Pug do funny noises? Watch & Smile:


Pregnant Pug

This pregnant Pug is giving birth! Look at her newborn Pugs noisily nursing. Pugs always find a way to make you smile. SO CUTE! Watch & Enjoy:


It’s Pug Time!

Mochi the Pug is here to make you smile. Check out this amazing compilation… It’s Pug time. SO FUNNY! Are Pugs the best breed ever?


Stranger Pugs

Doug the Pug is just a brilliant dog. Check out his ultimate video. DOUG RULES! How cool is this Pug on a scale from 1 – 10? Watch & Comment:


Funny Playtime: Pugs & Babies

Pugs and babies are amazing together! Here are a bunch of funny playtime moments between Pugs and babies. CUTENESS OVERLOAD. Does your Pug like babies? Watch & Enjoy:

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