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Doug at The Olympics

Doug the Pug is at the Olympics. He would win the gold medal if there was an eating competition! Look at him eating his favorite meal… Pizza. What is your dog’s favorite meal?


Playing Seal

This Pug really loves his fluffy toy. He will never let it go… Look at him playing seal. SO FUNNY! Does your pooch act the same way? Watch & Smile:


Playing Minecraft

Ellie the Pug is a smart dog… She knows how to play Minecraft! Look at her sabotaging a beautiful array of food her owner has prepared for a party. What’s your dog’s favorite indoor activity?


Playing Peek-a-Boo

Zoey is an ADORABLE Pug puppy. She loves playing peek-a-boo. CUTENESS OVERLOAD! Is your Pug this adorable? Watch & Smile:


Pug Fails

Are you feeling blue today? Here’s a video that will make your day better and happier… Check out this funny Pug fails compilation! Does your dog do funny faces? Watch & Enjoy:


Doug @Children’s Hospital

Doug The Pug had the opportunity to visit the Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital. Look at him doing his best to make these kids smile and have a happier day. SO CUTE! Does your dog like children?


It’s Bedtime

It’s bedtime, but Grimley wants to play a little more… This adorable and energetic Pug is definitely not ready to go to bed yet! Look at him explaining his motives to his owner. Does your dog like to sleep?


Barking at Pillow

This Pug thinks there is a new dog in the house… His owner just bought a HUGE pillow with a Pug printed in it! Look at him defending his home and barking at the pillow. How would your dog react? Watch & Answer:


Doug & Pokémon

Doug the Pug is a trendy dog… Obviously, he subscribed Pokémon Go game. “He’s gonna catch them all!” Is your dog this trendy? Watch & Enjoy:


Doug Snoring

Doug the Pug is having a relaxing moment! He chills in the bath and takes a nap on a summer afternoon. He’s so relaxed that he’s snoring. Does your dog snore like this? Watch & Smile:

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