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Pugs Showcases

Here is a collection of Pugs just being Pugs! They are definitely an amazing breed. SO FUNNY. How many Pugs do you have in life? Watch & Smile:


Funny Pugs

Pugs are funny and chubby little dogs. This video is full of Pugs just being Pugs! Watch the video and have a good time smiling. PUGS RULE! Is your dog this funny? Watch & Enjoy:


Pug Bunnies

Minnie and Max love long walkings at the beach. Today they are dressed like bunnies… Look at their “hops” at Carmel Beach! Does your dog hop like this? Watch & Answer:


Pugs Love Pools

Summer is here! Check out this “Pugs love Pools” video compilation… It seems these Pugs know that the best way to cool down is diving in a pool. Does your dog like to swim? Watch & Enjoy:


Pugs Are Just To Cute

Pugs are awesome dogs… They love to make us laugh and smile. Watch the video and have fun! What is your dog’s best expression? Watch & Enjoy:


Pugs Are Amazing

Pugs are amazing and cute. Enjoy this Pug fun compilation… It certainly will put a smile on your face. PUGS RULE! How many Pugs do you have in life? Watch & Enjoy:


Tiny Pugs & Tiny Owner

These Pug puppies are ADORABLE… They love to follow and clamber all over their little owner. The puppies adopted the baby as their leader and are always by his side! Does your dog have a little brother or sister?


The Pugdashians

Where Pugs rule the world, “Keeping up with the Pugdashians” is the hottest reality TV show! The celebrity dog Doug the Pug give us a glance into this strange canine world! Is your dog this famous? Watch & Smile:


Well Behaved Pugs

These three Pugs are brothers and they are all well behaved boys. Here they are anxiously waiting for their owner’s command to eat the cookie. They always ask permission to eat treats! Is your Pug a well behaved dog? Watch and comment:


Homer And Lisa

Homer and Lisa are best friends and love to enjoy some time together! Here they are playing with Lisa’s toy! Looks like Homer is careful while playing with his little sister. Lisa seems to be having lots of fun with her big brother! Does your Pug have a little sister? Watch and smile:

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