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Real Pug or Toy Pug?

Walter the Pug gets a little confused when he’s introduced to his new toy. He wants it to be real so bad! Watch his hilarious reaction. Does your dog do this type of silly things? Watch & Smile:


Hilarious Reaction to Mr. Tom Bergeron

This little Pug has a hilarious reaction to Mr. Tom Bergeron. We don’t really know if he loves or hates America’s Funniest Home Videos… …but this video for sure has to be part of it! LOL Watch & Laugh:


Hilarious Pug’s Reaction

We all know that Pug enjoy watching a good movie! But this Pug is really excited with the movie and he seems to be living the story. Watch his hilarious reaction to movie “Hollywood Homicide”:


Ellie, The Pug, Reacts…

Meet Ellie, the cutest Pug puppy! In this video, Ellie is shown a series of objects/situations… It’s so funny the way she reacts to them!