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Puppy & First Bath

Some dogs really love bathtime. This Pug pup is enjoying his bath! Chech out how relaxed he’s. 🙂 Does your dog like bathtime? Watch & Smile:


Cat Cleaning

Pugs can go along with cats… This video is an example of an amazing friendship between a cat and a Pug. The cat is cleaning the Pug… Look at the relaxed expression on the Pug’s face! Does your Pug have a feline friend?


Pug Goes to the Car Wash

Charley, the Pug, likes to go on a car ride with his mom. This time it’s a routine trip to the car wash. He’s very calm and relaxed as the brush monsters begin attacking the vehicle!


Do Dogs Like Music?

We like listening to it in your own home, at the office, in the car, in the store, and practically anywhere we go. Music make us relaxed, content, and joyful in spite of our stressful life styles. But did you have any idea that your dog may also be calmed by music? Latest research have […]