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Rescued Pugs on The Beach

This video is brought to us by “Pugs SOS” from “Pet Rescue Australia”. These are some beautiful images of a few Pug dogs just running freely and happy on the beaches of Australia… They are all so adorable! We are so happy that these kinds of organisations exist. Watch and share with all the dog lovers! […]


Pug in Stroller

Maggie, the Pug, was rescued. Sadly she came with permanently dislocated front leg and no tail. However she’s a very happy Pug! Especially now that mom and dad got her a stroller.


Rescued Pug Loves to Swim

This rescued Pug looooooves to swim. He was seriously injured in 2006 and nearly lost his rear leg. He broke both his hips and his pelvis. Swimming helped him in his rehabilitation! Althought he’s using a Ruffwear life jacket, he swims like a pro!