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Born to be an Athlete

Meet Rupert Eli, the Pug. He was born to be an athlete! Whenever he goes outside he goes crazy and starts running in circles as fast as he can… SO CUTE & FUNNY!


GoPro GoPug

A GoPro attached to the end of a monopod and a couple of Pugs running… The result? An AWESOME clip and well spent afternoon! RIP Clementine (Dec 15, 2009 – Jan 28, 2013)… She passed away in her sleep at the tender age of 4. [vimeo id=”29922550


Running With a Big Dog

Minnie and Max the Pugs don’t know their own size… …or their speed! These ARE pugs…right? Chasing down their Aussie cousin Midge is all in a days fun!


Running of the Pugs!

Have you ever seen this many PUGS make a mad dash all at once?! This happens every year in Canada in a event called the “Running of the Pugs” organized by Toronto’s Pugalug Pug Rescue at Trinity Bellwoods Park. Who says Pugs are not good runners? Source: Pugalug Pug Rescue


A Video Shows Why Pugs Rule

A family in Belfast, Ireland, promised their Pug Loca a roast chicken if the YouTube video of her spastic running around got a thousand views. Since the clip was posted in 2012 it has been viewed more than 6.5 million times… So, doing the math: 6,500,000 \ 1,000 = 6,500 roast chickens. Loca has hit […]


Pug Trying to be an Athlete!

In contrast to the more dynamic members of their species, pugs sleep typically 14 hours a day, and any pug owner can tell you it can be quite a task to get a comfy pug off the couch. Due to their short legs and trouble with breathing, pugs are not usually good athletes… For example, […]