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Screaming Pug II

We love screaming Pugs! They are so FUNNY… Atty, the Pug, wants to go for a ride… …but mom doesn’t let her go. So, she SCREAMS!


Screaming Pug

Meet Pugsley, the Screaming Pug! Pugsley loves when people come to visit him! But he gets so upset when they leave. He doesn’t want them to go. So… He screams!!!


The Screaming Pug Rocket

Happy-go-lucky and packed with energy, the Pug is a vivacious, fun-loving breed, with plenty of personality packed into a small package. When they are not napping (which occurs often), Pugs are generally charming, animated and ready to play (or eat). And not all Pugs are lazy… Take a look at Miles, The Screaming Pug Rocket: Because […]