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Pug & Baby Car Seat

Baboo the blind Pug is taking a nap in his favorite place in the whole world. He has recently discovered that the baby car seat and the baby blanket are extremely comfortable. SO FUNNY! What is your dog’s favorite place to sleep? Watch & Smile:


Just Pretending…

Pugs are funny and smart dogs… This cute Pug ignores his owner by pretending to sleep… until she asks the right question: Do you want to go on a walk? SO FUNNY. Does your dog do the same thing?


Pug Puppy Falling Asleep Technique

If you know a Pug puppy, you have to do this to his ears… It seems they love it and they will fall asleep in an adorable way! Show us if you do it! Watch and smile.


Pug Sleeps With His Eyes Open

This little fellow is sleeping with his eyes open! ha-ha And it really seems he is looking at the camera… Does your pug also sleep like this?


Bed Time…

It’s time to go to bed! And lovely Clara Francis, the Pug… …loves to dress her cute pajamas. Goodnight sweet little Pug!


Sleepwalking Pug

Meet K, the Pug! K is very, very, very tired… …but little guy thinks he has the stamina to keep up with what is going on in the house! However to his surprise, he just could not stay awake while standing.


Baby Loves Her Pug

Is this Love? YES, it is! This baby loves her Pug so much… …that she wants to sleep in his bed! So SWEET & ADORABLE.



Minnie is the the sweetest Pug! But she didn’t get to look this good by skipping on her sleep… She seems more like a Pugzombie! FUNNY!


Falling Asleep

This cute Pug wants to sleep… …but he knows he’s being filmed! He makes an effort to stay awake, however he just can’t… So, he falls asleep. So CUTE!

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