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Sleeping Pug

This Pug is taking a nap on his owner’s lap… Look at his hilarious expression while sleeping and snoring. SO FUNNY! How many hours per day does your dog sleep? Watch & Smile:


A Pug’s Life

Cooper is a gorgeous Pug. He certainly knows how to enjoy life! Eating, sleeping and playing… This is PUG’S LIFE! How cute is this pup on a scale from 1 to 10? Watch & Enjoy:


Line Of Sleeping Pugs

Can you picture something more adorable than 6 little Pug puppies sleeping? If you THINK you can, you’re wrong! Watch and see why! MUST SEE!


Snoring Pile of Pugs

How many Pugs did you see snoring at the same time? One? Two? Here’s a pile of 6 Pugs sleeping and snoring… Turn up the volume!


Wake Up Call

It’s wake up call for these adorable Pug puppies… It’s time for their puppy class! Watch & smile:


Pug Puppies Sleeping

Here’s an adorable video of Pug puppies sleeping… Could it be any cuter? These newborn Pugs just want to take a nap… …but soon they’ll be running and playing all the time!


Pugs Sleeping

Twin Pugs sleeping… Minnie and Max’s parents know that are a “Bonded Pair,” but they wouldn’t expect that they would sleep like this… This is hilarious… but so sweet!


Toby, The Pug, Getting a Massage

Everybody knows that Pugs like to sleep… But what can be better than sleeping? Perhaps sleeping while getting a massage? Here’s Toby, the Pug, snoring and getting a massage from a kitten!