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Doug Snoring

Doug the Pug is having a relaxing moment! He chills in the bath and takes a nap on a summer afternoon. He’s so relaxed that he’s snoring. Does your dog snore like this? Watch & Smile:


Snoring Pile of Pugs

How many Pugs did you see snoring at the same time? One? Two? Here’s a pile of 6 Pugs sleeping and snoring… Turn up the volume!


Weird Things

Mino, the Pug, likes to do a few weird thing: – Tanning – Sleeping with his eyes open – Watching over the neighborhood – Washing his buddy, the guinea pig… – Snoring – Chasing his tail – Laying flat on the floor when he’s tired – Eating/Licking his foot – Sucking on blankets – Sitting […]


Still Nurses in Her Sleep

Maggie is a grown-up Pug however she still nurses in her sleep! It’s so adorable! She suffers from chronic snoring condition… very common in Pugs. If you’re considering getting a pug be prepared for countless nights of snoring. Totally worth it though!


Toby, The Pug, Getting a Massage

Everybody knows that Pugs like to sleep… But what can be better than sleeping? Perhaps sleeping while getting a massage? Here’s Toby, the Pug, snoring and getting a massage from a kitten!


Is There a Remedy for Pug Snoring?

Dogs snore for similar reasons that people snore–because their airways are in some way clogged. This could be because of sleeping in an unusual position, from a facial deformity, from being obese or from having a health problem that has narrowed the dog’s airways. In case the snoring dog has a short nose (brachycephalic), like […]