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Sliding With Style

These Pugs are having fun in the snow. One of them just loves to slide. 🙂 Check out how fast she’s! Does your Pug like the snow? Watch & Smile:


Snowboarding Pug

Brandy the Pug loves the snow… In the video, she is showing us her awesome snowboarding skills. She’s just amazing… PUGS RULE! Does your Pug like the snow? Watch & Enjoy:


She Hates Her Snow Suit

This little puppy girl is so funny! She has a new snow suit and shoes to protect her feet… But she really hates them! Does your pup also wears snow clothing? Watch and laugh:


Pug Beats Snow Maze

This is Wrinkles, a very smart lady Pug! Chicago had a big blizzard a few weeks ago, and Wrinkles owner made the best of it. He designed a snow maze for her in his backyard and she beat it easily! Way to go Wrinkles, such a smart girl!


Return of the Wampug!

Are you a fan of Pugs and Star Wars? Then you’ll be delighted to know that… …thanks to an unexpected and unusual snow in Arizona, the Wampug returns! Watch & Enjoy: