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Crank Him Up And Watch Him Spin

This black Pug is spinning and spinning! His owner cranks up her little dog and watch him spin and spin around! What do you think about the dog’s reaction? Watch and answer:


Pug Kiss & Spin

Minnie and Scarlett are the most adorable Pug couple! Minnie takes her girlfriend Scarlett for a little twirl on the dance floor. WARNING: PDA (Pugs Displaying Affection!) So CUTE!


Wind Up Pug

Pepper, the Pug, likes to impersonate a Tasmanian Devil! First he gets winded up and then let loose to spin round and round. Can you count the number of spins? It’s hilarious!


Pug Spinning

This is too funny! In this hilarious video, this little Pug can’t help but spin round and round… …when his mom mentions the kitty cats!