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Pug vs. Stairs

This Pug definitely doesn’t like stairs… Look at him navigating slippery hardwood steps. SO FUNNY! Does your dog act the same way? Watch & Smile:


Sliding Downstairs to Scratch His Back

This smart Pug had a wonderful idea… He was itchy for sure, and he found the best place to scratch his little back! Does your Pug also do something like this?


Only One Direction!

This cute pup can only use the stairs… …properly in one direction: UP! So, he needs to train to go down… SO CUTE!


The Art of Climbing Stairs

Pugs are awesome! They develop many and distinct skills and abilities… For instance, climbing stairs in a funny and goofy way is an art that requires training and effort… This Pug wins the Oscar for the “Most Funny Stair Climb”