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Pug Summer

Here’s a video clip of the cool song “Pug Summer” by Neil Crevice featuring Richard the Pug! Hilarious! “Pugs cant swim and thats a fact… They sink to the bottom and dont… float back… Take it from me Neil Crevice… I had to throw him a flotation device… Cause he jumped in the pool… And […]


Rescued Pug Loves to Swim

This rescued Pug looooooves to swim. He was seriously injured in 2006 and nearly lost his rear leg. He broke both his hips and his pelvis. Swimming helped him in his rehabilitation! Althought he’s using a Ruffwear life jacket, he swims like a pro!


Learn to Swim With Loca

Now that Loca, the Pug, has got her new Life Jacket and taken on the role of lifeguard she feels she owes it to the world to pass on her swimming wisdom to the world… Note: Loca has a condition called cerebellar ataxia, in which damage within the nerve cells in the part of the […]