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Baby Laughing at Pugs

Baby Louie is having the time of his life! He is playing with his little furry friends… 🙂 Check out their happiness when they are together. Does your dog like babies? Watch & Smile:


Puppy & First Bath

Some dogs really love bathtime. This Pug pup is enjoying his bath! Chech out how relaxed he’s. 🙂 Does your dog like bathtime? Watch & Smile:


Doug’s Christmas Wish

Doug the Pug knows that it’s almost Xmas! He already wrote his letter to Santa Claus. All he wants for Christmas is food. 🙂 SO FUNNY. What is your dog’s Christmas wish? Watch & Answer:


It’s Pug Time!

Mochi the Pug is here to make you smile. Check out this amazing compilation… It’s Pug time. SO FUNNY! Are Pugs the best breed ever?


It’s Not Cleaning Time

This Pug things that it’s not the time to clean… He won’t let his owner clean the floor! It’s playtime right now. Does your dog act the same way? Watch & Comment:


Funny Pugs

Pugs are funny and chubby little dogs. This video is full of Pugs just being Pugs! Watch the video and have a good time smiling. PUGS RULE! Is your dog this funny? Watch & Enjoy:


Bath Time For Puppies

These baby Pugs are the CUTEST PUPPIES EVER. Watch this lovely mommy giving her newborn puppies a nice bath! Does your pup like to take a bath? Watch & Smile:


Pizza Delivery Pug

Doug is one busy Pug… He has a part time working as a pizza delivery Pug. It certainly would be a surprise if your pizza was delivered by Doug! Does your dog have a costume? Watch & Share:


Bed Time…

It’s time to go to bed! And lovely Clara Francis, the Pug… …loves to dress her cute pajamas. Goodnight sweet little Pug!


Excited For Bath Time

Does you Pug like bath time? Mango, the Pug, gets so excited when… …her mom says the word bath! So CUTE!

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