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Well Trained Pug Puppy

Pugs are tiny little dogs with curly tails. The puppy in the video is incredibly well-trained. He really wants that treat but he keeps resisting… 🙂 Check out his behavior. Does your dog behave like this? Watch & Comment:


Puppies in Baskets

Newborn puppies are just ADORABLE. This mother dog is guarding her cute babies in the tiny baskets! CUTENESS OVERLOAD. 🙂 How old is your pup? Watch & Comment:


Tiny Pugs & Tiny Owner

These Pug puppies are ADORABLE… They love to follow and clamber all over their little owner. The puppies adopted the baby as their leader and are always by his side! Does your dog have a little brother or sister?


Chasing the Camera

Easy is a tiny little Pug… He loves to play chase! Here he is chasing mom’s camera. So sweet!


A Pug Puppy In Your Cup

This tiny Pug puppy is so small that he fits a tea cup! At first it seems that he wants to get out… But then he just finds out that the cup is actually a very comfy bed. Just ADORABLE!