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Girl and Pugs Grow Up Together

This adorable girl and these three Pugs grow up together… She really loves her three Pugs, but she has a super special bond with one of them. SO ADORABLE! Does your Pug like children? Watch & Smile:


Cuddling Together

Alphie and Teddy are best friends. They were caught hugging each other during their nap. 🙂 PUGS RULE! Is your pup a sleepy dog? Watch & Comment:


Better Together!

Pugs juts love their owners… This Pug and his dad go everywhere together! Check out these amazing photos. 🙂 PUGS RULE. Does your dog like to travel with you? Watch & Smile:


Pugs at Beach

Minnie and Max the Pugs love to have fun together… Look at them having a wonderful time at Carmel Beach! They always take their favorite toy with them – the precious ball. Does your dog like the beach? [vimeo id=”141191715