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Reach for the Treats

This is Grover, the Pug. He is big enough to jump up on the couch but still likes playing this little ‘reach for the treats’ game! Make sure you watch til’ the end! Watch & enjoy:


Smart Pug Steals Food

This Pug is very smart! He loves treats, but it seems that his big buddy doesn’t like to share them… So, he has no other option than to steal the treat. His strategy is so smart… Take a look:


7 Pugs at the Park

We love Pugs… When 7 Pugs gather in the park, it’s Pug Jackpot! Seven pug friends meet at the local dog park for fun…and maybe a few treats! Max, Minnie, Mabel, Monte, Loki, Yoda, and Scarlett! Midge the Aussie is here too!