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The Pug Brothers

These Pugs are here to perform a trick just for you. Watch them walking through the frame! Weird… Still cute. How many dogs do you have? 1, 2 or more? Watch & Comment:


Weird Trick

Lex the Pug is here to show you his new dog trick. It’s a little weird! Still… it’s cute and funny. What is your dog’s ultimate trick? Watch & Comment:


Trick or Treat?

Are your ready to go trick or treating? Minnie and Max the Pugs show their “Aloha Spirit”… …as they head out for a spooky Halloween Pug Party! Watch & enjoy:


Cutest Pug Dog Trick

Meet Clara Francis, the Pug! She does the coolest Pug trick… She sits like a human being. SO FUNNY!


Nose Trick

Angel, the Pug, is a very smart girl! She LOVES to learn and perform new tricks… Here she is doing the “nose trick” with an almond! Well… Pug are smart, but they do anything for a treat… Right?


Find The Pug

Here’s a challenge… See if you can spot the adorable Pug! We’ll be honest with you… …it’s actually pretty tricky!